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The Green Hornets...61st TCS and ALS Squadron


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C-119 ‘Boxcar”  

The first C-119 was the `A’ model made by Fairchild in Hagerstown, MD November 1947 with the first flight December 17, 1947,  #CQ 769

It had Pratt & Whitney R-4360-4 engines with the three blade prop. 3000HP

Extensive modifications were made and the first C-119 B  # 48-319 emerged.

Then after only 55 C-119 B models were produced the C-119C was produced’ A total of

347 C models were produced with 41 being manufactured by Kaiser at their Willow Run, MI facility. The 306 aircraft were manufactured by Fairchild at their Hagerstown, MD

Plant. The `C’ model had the Pratt & Whitney R-4360-20W engine with the Hamilton Standard four blade prop.  The Marines received 55 R4Q-1 ( The Nave designation )

Aircraft. The `C’ model had the vertical fins on the tail booms, carried 2800 gallons of 110/145 fuel, 36 foot, 6 inch tail booms carrying 48,000 pounds on a typical mission and 54,000 overloads.


Wingspan = 109ft 3in.

Fuselage length – 60ft 6 1/8in

Overall length = 86ft 5 1/4in

Height = 27ft 6in

 Cargo Compartment: 

Height = 8ft

Width = 9ft 2in

Length = 36ft 11in                 

Cargo Floor Area = 353 sq. ft.

Empty Weight = 39,000

 Gross Weight = 64.000

Payload = 32,000                                                              

Max Speed ( mph ) 253 @ 17.900ft

Cruise Speed (mph) 162 @  5,000ft 

Initial Rate of Climb (fpm) 852           

Service Ceiling (ft) 21,580                                   

Range (statute miles) 1415


Troops  42 / 62        42 normally, 62 with center isle

Liters  35                                      

The C-119 was the work horse  of the Korean War. It could carry 75mm Howitzers,

37mm Guns, 40mm Anti-Aircraft Guns  and Carriages, 2 6X6 Trucks, Half Tracks, Large & Small Aircraft Engines and Cradles, Propellers and a wide variety of Military Equipment. These Aircraft were also equipped with a Monorail System allowing Dropping twenty 500lb Bundles through Paratainer Doors in the floor at the forward end of the cargo Section. The `Clam Shell’ doors at the rear opened to allow the loading of the heavy equipment.  

Eventually the production of 415 `C’ models  was accomplished.

The outbreak of the Korean War necessitated the transfer of 55 C-119’s to Ashiya, Japan on the Island of Kyushu. The majority coming from Sewart AFB Smyrna, TN  

 The Aircraft were fitted with Auxiliary Tanks in the cargo Bays holding an additional 1,005 gal. for the flight over the Pacific.

Vietnam saw a new C-119G with J-85 jets under wing pods and four (4) 7.6mm 

Miniguns.  These were followed by 52 AC-119G ` Shadow’ Gunships. The first 26 were armed with four Miniguns delivering 12,000 rounds per minute with a special Gunsighting System, Flare Launchers, Armor Protection and carried a ten man crew.

The succeeding 26 ships designated AC-119Ks added two Vulcan Gatling Cannon and forward firing infrared radar, side-looking radar  and Doppler navigation, these later aircraft were designated `Stinger’.


Six C-119s from Ashiya were loaned to the French in Indochina to assist in their battle for Dien Bien Phu. This eventually became 12 aircraft. These originally were flown by CAT crews while French crews were trained in the Philippines. Eventually Military personnel from Ashiya were employed in the maintenance of the loaned aircraft at Cat B Indochina. Fifteen other C-119’s were tasked with flying six round trips to Indochina daily from Clark AFB Philippines.

It took six hours to fly the 1,000 mile leg to Haiphong..

C-119’s were known to have dropped bombs, napalm, trucks, jeeps, guns, and a bulldozer as well as all the troop paradrops.


"Green Hornet C-119 #566 is on outside display  at Robins AFB Museum of Aviation.

Note a C-130 is also on outside display."


These photos are of an actual flying model C-119...Well done!

These rare photos are of a couple of AC-119 Gunships.  Taken in Thailand




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