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The Green Hornets...61st TCS and ALS Squadron


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61st TCS Reunion 2004 Highlights!

Veterans from WW2  through today’s Troops!

The reunion of the 61st TCS, which was held June 10-13th 2004, at Little Rock Air Force Base, located in Jacksonville, Arkansas was a complete success.

As always, the officer’s wives went out of their way to welcome us by preparing the hospitality room at Best Western.  There were so many goodies to nibble on, and meeting each of them was a wonderful pleasure! They saw to it that the room never lacked for refreshments, which certainly came in handy on those humid days! Col. Steve Davis’ wife, Laura, and their daughter (Rebecca) Becky, along with other wives, decorated the room in red, white, and blue -- very fitting for this time in our country. They are to be commended on a fabulous job!

Here is the newsletter which was sent to all Green Hornets in our membership roster. Those of you who were not able to attend the reunion will quickly realize you really missed out on great fellowship!!!

61st TCS 2004 Reunion A Grand Success!

What a wonderful group of Veterans!!




Back row left to right:  LTC Sir Ben Hendrickson, CMsgt Howard Edmundson, Captain Dave Johnson, Lenny Mueller, Bright Newhouse, LTC Bonn Tanner, Rodney Harpe, Captain Al Heath.

Middle row left to right:  Gerald Ragland, Major Frank Baker, Ben Maina, LTC John Maxwell, Colonel Ed Ladd, SSgt (Honorary 1st LT) Vinnie Poliseo.

Front row left to right: TSgt Stuart Seeley, TSgt Larry Toney, Herb Waldman, Louis Duplechain, 1st Sgt (Honorary), Captain Jim Lucas, Major Joe Noah, Anthony Brucato, Clarence Stublaski.

 The wives and gals of our wonderful veterans!

Back Row, Left to Right: Dorothy Branshaw, Joann Edmundson

Middle Row, Left to Right: Nancy Ragland, Jean Brucato, Cloe Ann Newhouse, Doris Toney

Front Row, Left to Right:  Dornetta Duplechain, Wanda Stublaski


 Pictures from the Reunion below.


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