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The Green Hornets...61st TCS and ALS Squadron


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As of June 03, 2007


National Museum of the United States Air Force

Co-Pilot - 0-$24 

E. Price Black                     

Paul Hughes                           

Norman Lejune

Leonard Mueller                                       

Pilot - $25-$49 

Benny Fioritto                         

Ben Maina                  

Edgar Musser              

Carl Orlando               

Robert Pucik               

Donnald Sonnier 

William Brown

 Walt Oswiany

Tom Pelfry

Frank Baker

Dr. David Klarer

Senior Pilot - $50-$99

 Alfred Evans               

Kay Evans*                              

Keith Luchtel              

Ed Ladd                      

Larry Toney                

Walter Owsiany  *  In memory of Lonnie Evans 

 Ross Farnsworth 

Walter Dorton   

Alvin Heath

Ritva Williamson

Nancy Aubel                    

Command Pilot - $100-$149

 Frank Allen                 

Vinny Poliseo             

Gerald Ragland          

William Small             

Paul Smith                  

Gene Jones                

Philomena Torma       

George Livers 

Anthony Brucato 

John Browning    

Linda Yarbrough

Jean Dornstadter  

John & Mary Groll


 Squadron CO - $150-$199 

Wing CO - $200-$299 

Roberta Dunn - in honor of Darrell Dunn

Bright Newhouse                    

Joe Noah**     in memory of Joe Dornstadter

William Rascoe

Ron Patch

Chief-of-Staff - $300- and above

Billy Mills

Dr. Richard Prouty

Jim Romero 

Sir Benjamin Hendrickson



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